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We offer Education, Help and Hope for people with MRSA or
anyone concerned about MRSA,
Staph. or other bacterial
infections.  Our family fought MRSA and recovered.  Now, we've
dedicated much of our time to helping others learn about this
"superbug".  Our Disclaimer:  Any information contained on this
site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or mitigate
any disease and is not meant to replace the advice of your
doctor.  All decisions regarding your health should be discussed
with a medical professional.  Our opinions are based on our own
research and we suggest you do your own research as well.  
Please remember that YOU are in charge of your recovery.  
It is your responsibility to get informed regardless of how
well-informed your doctor is.  There is no consensus in the
medical community on how to diagnose or treat MRSA.  It isn't
their fault.  MRSA is opportunistic, adaptive and downright
sneaky with an impressive array of symptoms.  
Our MRSA Story (the short version)

We are a family of five and my name is Carrie.  Just a few
months after giving birth to our second child, I was officially
diagnosed with MRSA.  Previously, I was mis-diagnosed,
under-diagnosed, diagnosed without a physician actually
disclosing that I was diagnosed, and dismissed when I finally
diagnosed myself.  Despite our doctor troubles, we will not bash
doctors on our site nor will we downplay their role.  In fact, the
doctor who
initially doubted my self-diagnosis, Dr. John Cox from
Tampa Bay Breast Care, is a fantastic and caring breast
surgeon whom I highly recommend (his staff is fantastic, too).  
cultured my infection, subjected it to sensitivity testing and
call me personally when it came back positive.  He then directed
me to a top Infectious Disease Doctor
(IDD).  A few months after
my diagnosis, our baby developed MRSA; she was only 4
months old.  It was a terrible time but we both completely
recovered without relying on traditional treatments.  We have
learned so much in our journey and are grateful for our MRSA
experience because we feel it was a warning sign of things to
come... sort of a red flag that our health needed some serious
attention.  As you read our site and do more research, pay close
attention to what is working or, even more importantly, NOT
working in the fight against MRSA.  Feel free to "Contact Us" if
you have a question but please review the entire site first.  We
hope you find it helpful.
Share YOUR Story!

Tell us your MRSA recovery story.  We feature stories from
readers as well as articles and interviews from prominent
scientists, doctors and natural health professionals.  This
website (born February 2009) is an ever-changing work in
progress.  Our first priority is our family so that sometimes limits
our efforts.  However, we hope to have a database by next year
to log information about MRSA sufferers who want to share
some basic information.  We will not publish a recovery story
unless we verify that you want it viewed by the general public.  
Personal information and the names of other people and places
will be omitted.

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