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Tumeric Info:

reat resource for holistic healing:

MRSA Secrets Revealed, written by a Microbiologist and fellow Staph. infection survivor!

Other recommended books:
Food Allergies Made Simple
Allergy Self-Help Cookbook
Gut and Psychology Syndrome
Nourishing Traditions
The pH Miracle

Stable Allicin Info:

General information on garlic/allicin:

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MRSA In The News and other informative articles/websites:

Diet:  or
Great yeast-free, gluten-free millet bread and more.
Freeze all of it when it arrives and take out piece by piece as needed.  (read about the dangers of soy and all about traditional eating)  (where to buy Fermented Cod Liver Oil)    (see their legal/illegal food list... great for kids)

Support Groups:        (our blog)

MRSA Support Group on Yahoo

(another) MRSA group on Yahoo
Clinical Study on Stabilized Allicin
Info on physician's strength stable allicin
Case Studies on Stabilized Allicin (with photos)
Earth Clinic's Tumeric page
Dr. Mercola article:  Garlic Stops MRSA Deaths
Dr. Mercola on Garlic
A Naturopathic Doctor Fights Infections With Stable Allicin
Fighting Superbugs in the Pork Industry