A new way of eating that can help!

We made significant diet changes over the past several years.  It did not
happen all at once but instead in stages or layers.  It has really paid off as our
children are now eczema-free.  Thankfully, we do not even get small MRSA
blisters anymore.  Losing the last few baby pounds was a nice bonus for mom,
too!  T
his information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or
mitigate any disease and is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor.  

All decisions regarding your health should be discussed with a medical
 This diet is based on our personal experiences only.

There are many things that can rev up your immune system like garlic and/or
allicin along with other supportive measures like turmeric, colloidal silver,
vitamin C,
vitamin D3 plus a good dose of sunshine each day.  However,
nothing can replace good daily eating habits.  Here are a few suggestions:

Reduce or eliminate:
Sugar, especially refined sugar
Any cow products (beef, cow's milk/butter/yogurt, whey, lactose, casein)
Wheat products & by-products (wheat flour, white flour, etc)
Corn & by-products
Soy & by-products
Processed foods
Starch foods

So, where do we go from there?  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Read labels.  However, if you find yourself reading a lot of labels, this may be
the core of your problem.  You should be cooking as much as possible.  When
you do need to buy something, it should have very short, easy-to-read
ingredient lists.

Try shopping at health food stores or ethnic food marts, delis and restaurants.  
You will be surprised to find things like sheep's milk feta, ghee (clarified butter),
gluten-free breads (look in the frozen section for millet or zucchini bread).  In
some health food stores, they have an entire section dedicated to gluten free
products.  You can also buy foods online like at
although there are many other resources online besides this.
 Be careful not to
over-do the gluten-free products (too much starch will cause problems, too).

Sugar is MRSA's friend.  Even products you consider 'healthy' may still contain
gluten or a lot of sugar so be vigilant.  The worse your infection is or if you
have frequent recurrences, THE MORE CRITICAL IT IS TO ELIMINATE ALL
.  Fruit is still okay for most people.

If sugar is MRSA’s friend, then anything GREEN is MRSA’s enemy.  Eat at least
one dark green vegetable per day like broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, kale,
etc.  Also, try eating a salad as a meal each day.  For example, if you usually
eat a sandwich for lunch, have a salad instead.  If that isn't convenient, then try
having a large salad for dinner.  You can still eat something else with it but be
sure to eat the salad first.  Another idea is to cut up pieces of meat and add it
to your salad for extra protein.  There are many salad additions that can help
keep the idea fresh (and your mouth happy) like:  sprouts, beets, carrots,
olives, lemon, flax oil, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, seeds, celery, fresh
parsley/basil/cilantro/chives, scallions, croutons, artichokes, hearts of palm,
sheep's milk feta cheese
, raisins, dried cherries.

henever possible, buy organic, GRASS-FED or pastured meat, which is
usually not available at supermarkets.  Search yahoo groups for healthy eating
co-ops in your area.  You will be surprised to find local farmers who sell grain
soy-free, grass-fed meat and eggs (free range chickens, not "cage-
.  Your local group is also a great source for organic veggies and fruits.   

Eat lots of high quality fats like avocados, extra virgin olive oil, raw flax oil,
coconut oil, cod liver oil, sunflower oil, oily fish, raw butter (but hold off on
anything "cow" until your infection is long gone).  For more research on how we
should be eating more fat, see

Here are some replacement foods that we use:
Goat's Milk (raw, sold locally, also goat's milk butter)
Rice Dream rice milk*
Coconut Milk*
Van's Gluten-Free waffles*
1-2-3 Gluten-Free buckwheat pancake mix
Snacks from EnerG (pretzels!) or Enjoy Life
Terra chips*
Millet bread from (they ship!)
Tinkyada Rice Pasta (hubby's fav and he's Italian)
Notta Pasta rice pasta
Blue Agave Nectar (use in moderation)*
Coconut Oil (great for frying eggs, baking, etc
pecan or almond "butter"
Kamut flour
Dad's gluten-free pizza crusts or lavash (flat) breads

*products that are available in most supermarkets

We also grow our own sprouts, which is very easy and tastes better than the
old sprouts you get at the store).  Sound strange?  Maybe.  But the idea here
is that there is a whole world of food out there that you may not have
experienced yet.  Give it a try for a few months.  You will be surprised at how
good you feel and, if your like me and still trying to lose those last 5 (okay 10)
extra pounds, this is the way to lose them permanently.  If it seems
overwhelming, just remember that you can make small changes every week.  
Please see our "Links" page for research that can help you make the best diet
decisions for you and your family.  Also, please share YOUR favorite
replacement foods with us!