Patti's Story
Patti survives HA-MRSA with Allimed

I was involved in a motorcycle accident on 4/28/07; I separated my right shoulder, fractured my
left tibia and fibula and severely damaged muscle and tissue on the same leg.  During the 3-½
weeks I was hospitalized, I had eleven surgeries to clean and reconstruct damaged muscle,
implant a steel rod to support the bone fracture in my leg and insert pins to hold my shoulder in

In July 2007, I was diagnosed with osteomyletis (infection of the bone) and hospital acquired
MRSA.  A number of attempts were made to treat the MRSA from July 2007 through April 2008.  I
was initially disheartened when I learned from my orthopedic surgeon that MRSA in the bone
can be very difficult to get rid of and that many people struggle with this type of infection for years.
More importantly, the vigorous infection was preventing the fracture from healing and the bones
were dying as a result.  If I didn’t get a grip on this infection, there was a real possibility that I
might end up loosing part of my leg.  I battled the infection with three separate sessions of IV
antibiotics (Amacacyn and Vancomycin) totaling 26 weeks as prescribed by my infectious
disease doctor. Additionally, I was prescribed an oral antibiotic, Bactrim.  I was told that I’d
probably need to take Bactrim the rest of my life.  My wound, however, was still open and
draining and the bone was not healing.  

In February 2008, I consulted with a Naturopathic Doctor who introduced me to
(stabilized allicin). With new hope and a new attitude, I did more research and learned about a
medicinal strength version,
Allimed liquid.  I immediately implemented the Allimed protocol for
severe MRSA with my existing immune boosting regiment. My consultant’s expertise and
personal experience with MRSA and Allimed gave me confidence and I was convinced that I
was on the right track.  Soon it appeared that the wound was improving before my very eyes!  
Within three weeks the infection had begun to recede, my skin began to look healthier, the
draining stopped and the wound ultimately closed.  

With the infection under control, I was able to have surgeries to remove the rod and graft a piece
of bone from my hip to the fractured tibia and fibula.
 Allimed stifled the MRSA and the bone graft
surgery was a success.   

In addition to
Allimed, I incorporated hyperbaric oxygen therapy into my recovery plan.  I had
heard from several sources that bacteria cannot survive in a highly oxygenated system.  I
wanted to do all I could to help my body fight so I began treatments in February and completed
the last of 20 sessions in August 2008.  

In November of 2008, I suspended taking Bactrim and was just using
Allimed prior to lab work
scheduled for late January 2009.  The blood work came in “normal”, so I discontinued the
Bactrim all together.  I now take only a maintenance dose of
Allimed (and gratitude) every day.
Eleven long months of futile attempts to eradicate MRSA led to one rewarding month when I
Allimed!  It conquered the “superbug” and helped me out of a crisis.  Now I want to help
others. My journey has been a blessing and I’m thrilled to be walking again without any signs of
infection.  For more details about my MRSA recovery, E-mail me at