MRSA Pictures
MRSA Pictures

Here are many different photographs of MRSA infections,
including a few of our own.  Another good website for pictures is:

Click this link  to view MRSA photos at Logical Images

There are only a few photos on the above website but they are very clear
and give you a good idea of how dramatically different MRSA infections
can look.  We would have posted their photos but they are copyrighted.  
The next three rows of photos are our own pictures (mom & baby).
A photo of
cellulitis with
furunculosis and
folliculitis, too.
This was my
Furunculosis and
folliculitis on my 5
month old (very
squirmy) baby.
Our experience has enabled
us to catch and STOP a
CA-MRSA infection in it's
earliest stages.  Here is a
photo of the beginning of a
blister (inner wrist).  It looks
like an ant bite or a flea bite.  If
no action is taken, a blister
can grow into a boil incredibly
fast.  The beginning of a MRSA
blister is usually very itchy yet
painful at the same time.
This is my inner wrist.
A MRSA boil (furunculosis)
that has opened up.
A MRSA rash often called
A collage of various
MRSA infections.
A MRSA infection can
happen ANYWHERE on
your body.  This is a photo
of cellulitis around the eye
and on the face.